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sukanto Kuri
30 jun 2022
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The setting of suspense needs to be just right, and the text should be well connected to enhance the texture of the poster design. 3. Conclusion The graphic design of travel posters requires the designer to fully understand the characteristics and key points of the design, and to put the needs of customers or travel companies in the first place. In the process of practice, make full preparations, combine design and copywriting, and optimize the content of the poster. At the same time, color matching, pattern processing, etc. should also be combined with tourist destinations and tourist attractions to enhance the texture of tourism poster design and achieve the purpose of attracting attention and marketing design. references: [1] Zhao Baogang. Characteristics and practice of graphic design of tourism posters [J]. Overview of Tourism (Second Half Month), 2018(12):235. [2] Wang Yi. Image Manipulation Service Research on graphic design in tourism promotion and publicity [D]. North China University of Technology, 2018. [3] Guo Ting. Research on the Expression of Tourism Poster Graphic Design [J]. Popular Literature and Art, 2017(06):51+5. Author: Li Danjun Unit: Hunan Vocational College of Arts and Crafts Reading times: 386 times Environmental Design Thesis experimental design paper circuit design paper Styling Design Thesis Optimization Design Thesis interior design essay Web Design Papers Graphic Design Papers Environmental Art Design Thesis Costume Design . Thesis Advertising Design Thesis Poster Design Paper Garden Design Thesis Landscape Architecture Design Thesis Architectural Design Thesis Landscape Design Thesis Type Design Paper Spatial Design Thesis Scheme Design Thesis Furniture Design Thesis website design essay Engineering Design Thesis system design paper Design Management Thesis Pavement Design Thesis Lighting Design Thesis Environmental Design Thesis programming paper Structural Design Thesis Product Design Thesis Previous paper: The application of traditional patterns in graphic design Next paper: Teaching Mode of Graphic Design Courses under the

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